How to arrange your flowers for pressing

TIME OUT! Summer vacation. Time to change the daily routine and try something new — take a vacation, camp out at a different site, catch up on movies.

In terms of crafts, it means exploring a new medium or learning what it takes to produce something we use that we normally purchase ready-made and take for granted. A few years ago, someone gave me a Klutz craft book for kids for a Christmas present. Although it explored a medium I had never tried, I put it aside. (Too simple! It’s written for 10-year-olds, I thought ) But one day I wanted to do something different and looked at it seriously. Then I tried the clearly illustrated projects and, during the course of two hours, I had a wonderful time. What worked for kids surely did work for me.

How to Press Flowers

How to arrange your flowers for pressing depends on the shape. Klutz suggests: Press your flower face down, or sideways. It’s easiest to press daisy-like flowers face-down. Trim off the stem and flatten the back of the flower center so the flower can lie flatter. Press single petals if you want to. After drying you can put them back together to look like the original flower or use them by themselves in original designs. If the flower is thick, cut it in half. And if it is really lumpy, pull out some of the center petals.


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