How to Avoid Brush Marks when Painting

Some paint-works look great from afar – fresh paint, strong colors, sharp edges – but as you approach nearer, imperfections in the form of brush marks become obvious. It is a very common problem, and much more obvious on glossy surfaces than on satin or matt ones. This is because brush marks form undulating profiles that reflect light unevenly. If the paint used is glossy, the unevenness is exaggerated. So let’s talk a little about how to avoid brush marks when painting.

Basically, we need to watch 3 aspects of our painting – the brush, the paint, and technique.

The Brush
A bad brush in the hands of a professional and with the best paint will give mediocre results at best. It is always good to pay more for the brush. Not only does it give you a quality finish, but it also saves you time and a lot of frustration. Aside from the problem of brush marks, a low-quality brush tends to open up at its sides, making the painting of clean edges an impossibility. Then there’s the problem of bristles dropping and sticking onto the painting surface.


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