Oil Painting – some great tips

Artists, but also committed amateurs or hobbyists, can never learn too much about color. Color is at the core of the message your work emits. A basic understanding of color is a great place to begin your new pursuit of artistic expression. So let’s check out Oil Painting – some great tips.

There are three primary colors that cannot be created by mixing other colors. Those three primaries are red, blue and yellow. Aren’t they great? Mixing these primary colors creates other colors called secondary colors.

Yellow and blue make green. Red and yellow make orange. Blue and red create purple. The exact hue of the secondary color is dependent upon the proportions of the mix of the primary colors.  The best way to become familiar with the seemingly unlimited color and hue possibilities is to experiment.

When the artist mixes three primary colors, the result is a tertiary color. The hue of the tertiary again depends on the proportions of the mixture. Have fun creating and learning your options.


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