Easy Craft Ideas: Colortime Crafts

When I was a kid, I loved arts and crafts! Making dream catchers, loom art, lanyards, you name it. I even remember having my birthday party twice at a place where you paint pottery and then bring it home. One experience that I’ll never forget growing up is being in the Girl Scouts. Not only did we do arts and craft projects but I learned so much about my community and had wonderful experiences I might not have had otherwise, which is why I am happy I found this great company, Colortime Crafts, and Markers!

Colortime Crafts and Markers is a local company to me, based on Long Island, NY. They’ve been around since the early 90′s and their Cotton Warehouse was always known as a place for wearable art. After hosting Colortime Crafts and Markers parties in their classroom for birthdays, Girl Scouts and camps, they decided to expand so that kids everywhere can get in on the fun and creativity! They have also been a licensed Girl Scout Vendor for over 15 years and have a large assortment of shirts, pillowcases, bags and more for troops!

I was sent the Recycle Tote with three markers for review. Since my kids are too young to be able to color in the lines, I decided to channel the inner kid in me. I followed the suggestions and put a paper towel in the bag just in case the markers bled through, and got to work! At first, I didn’t think the markers would have enough ink but I was definitely wrong! As long as you go slowly, you’ll have a nice deep color and you’ll have ink to spare for future projects.

When I was done, I checked the paper towel and sure enough, some of the markers bled through, but just a little. While I was coloring, Elizabeth came into the room and insisted on playing with the markers. As I went to grab it away from her, some got on my hand but it washed off no problem. The fabric markers are meant for just that–fabric.

The company says the colors won’t fade with washing so I wanted to see how the ink would hold up myself! I put it in a normal wash cycle inside out with cold water and other dark clothes and then into the dryer on a normal cycle with low heat. After only about 15 minutes, the tote was dry! It was, however, very wrinkled. As per the instructions provided “Ironing is not recommended unless the printed area is covered with a cloth. A hot iron will cause the black print to smudge.” I haven’t tried to iron it, and I’m sure with use it will start to stretch out the wrinkles.

As for the tote itself, it’s a decent size. I think the handle openings could be a bit larger but if we’re talking about a child, the size is fine. I took some items from my pantry like cereal, cans of soup, oil, peanut butter, jelly, the list goes on and on.. and it all fit! They do offer a Recycle market bag that’s for that purpose, but if you’re doing a quick shopping trip or bringing snacks out with you, it’s sturdy and works great!

Everything they sell is reasonably priced, up to $6.95. Their selection includes T-Shirts, Pillowcases, Tote Bags, Backpacks, Bandanas and of course, Fabric Markers. Their website is easy to navigate, allowing you to choose for Boys, Girls, Troops, Holidays, Religious and Wholesale. They sell 6 packs of their markers, either thin ones with just 1cc of ink or the fatter ones with 7cc of liquid like those that I used, or you can purchase the larger markers individually.

If your child has a birthday coming up, be sure to sign up for the Birthday Club and you’ll receive a special 20% off coupon code. Use that code and you’ll receive a free Party Rock backpack with your order! And, if you like them on Facebook, you will automatically be entered into their weekly giveaways and offers! Be sure to use the coupon code 15for30C and receive 15% off your purchase, not to be combined with any other offers or discounts.
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