Easy Crafts Made with Glue Dots

Doing simple arts and craft activities is a great way to bond with your children while making a precious keepsake but with young kids, sometimes it’s not that simple! At times I dread doing crafts with my toddlers because I just know if we color, there will be marker everywhere; if we’re gluing/pasting, everything is going to end up as a sticky mess, including Mikey’s hands which are always going in his mouth!

That’s why I was so glad to have the opportunity to try out Glue Dots, a double-sided adhesive dot that is great for crafts, household projects, hanging artwork and more. Glue Dots work great on a multitude of surfaces, not just paper and there’s no dry time required. Use them on wood, plastic, metal, painted walls, foam board and glass, without leaving a sticky residue. Glue dots are acid-free, archival-safe, non-toxic, and all products conform to industry standards (ASTM  D-4236) for craft and child safety. I received several kinds of dots to try out–Poster, Removable and Permanent, in both  3/8″ with dispensers and 1/2″ tear and peel tabs.

Since we are still adjusting to living in our new house and unpacking things, the majority of our crafting things with the exception of colored pencils and coloring books are all in storage–I don’t even have paper, so I used magazine pages! With that said, I took it upon myself to test these out without the kids, however, I can tell they are so much neater than using glue and glue sticks! Now I don’t have to have anxiety! lol

I checked the strength of the adhesive by using it between a piece of paper and the plastic packaging the dispenser came in, as well as two pieces of paper, and found that the Removable Glue Dots are just like the sticky glue that holds gift cards onto the paper it comes on. The Permanent ones (which have a blue tint instead of clear) have a much stronger hold than the removable glue dots, but with enough pulling, you can break the bond without leaving a residue. I wouldn’t recommend using the permanent glue dots between two pieces of paper unless you are 100% positive it’s exactly where you want it because you’re more likely to tear the paper before the dot comes loose!

The Glue Dots website is full of project ideas, so I decided to make some Paper Rosettes off the site. I also made a simple stacked paper flower, and since I was doing paper crafts, I wanted to weave a paper heart since I saw it on Instructables recently. The heart normally wouldn’t need any gluing, but I found that using a Removable glue dot on the back of the first few woven strips of paper really helped me keep the rest of it together. I also pushed it onto the table and continued to work without even holding the whole thing in my hands and once I was done, I pulled it right up off the table.

Since I saw the adhesive is pretty strong on the Permanent Glue Dots, I decided to try and use it to temporarily fix a small rocking chair who’s arm we have to glue back together every few months. I’d have to say that this is what impressed me the most with these dots. I did not expect it to be strong enough to use like hardware, but when I pull on the arm I fixed with these, it feels stronger than when I used an industrial glue! That, is crazy. Even my husband is impressed.

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