Great, new yarns

What can I say, I’m at it again. Couldn’t resist these great yarns. Just look at these colors and textures. Could you say no? Stashamentia strikes again! Let’s face it, when you finish a pair of socks, do you want to put your needles down, leave the warmth of your home and go to the store to buy more yarn?

Nah. Well at least that’s my excuse for buying more yarn. I got some Opal cotton this time. I’m curious how it works for socks.

My local yarn shop started carrying solid color fingering weight 100% wool baby yarn in this brand. I thought I’d use it for my own color designs as in argyle socks.

Self-patterning yarn is nice for quick projects but I like working with bobbins wrapped in different colors to create stripes, etc. much better. Gives a neater, cleaner look. I guess I have a new illness, matching compulsive disorder. LOL

BTW, I’m working on the toes of my husband’s socks. I’ll have a picture of the finished socks later tonight. I’m NOT going to bed until they are done!

I’m so thrilled that I actually got through what I feel is the most difficult part of knitting socks on 1 circular needle. Picking up the stitches along the heel flap was so much easier once I realized that I had to shift the stitches on the needles. See my previous picture. Now I’m well on my way to getting this sock done.

I am doing the sock dance! My first pair of socks done using 1 circular needle. Up until now, I’ve always used dpns and didn’t really enjoy knitting socks. My fingers always hurt using dpns but what a difference with circulars! Hubby is happy and plans on wearing them tonight. This will be the true test of what changes I’ll need to make on his next pair.


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