Cardboard Ornaments and Clothespins Ornaments

Gorgeous Ornaments from Cardboard and Clothespins

Clothespins and cardboard, paste and paint can all add up to great make-it-yourself ornaments. Our projects were originally created by Cici Hughes in 1972 in her spare time. Friends encouraged her to sell them commercially and she did — she made hundreds for Lord & Taylor in Virginia. The ornaments took over her home for two years before she retired from this business to explore other design projects. Below are instructions on how to make Cardboard Ornaments and Clothespins Ornaments Cici shared with us. Why not make several for yourself and a few to give to your favorite collectors?

Flat Cardboard Ornaments

Gesso or light colored water-based wall paint
Flat cardboard
Acrylic paints — bright colors
A large artist’s brush and a small one (for details)
Silver wire paper clips
White glue or rubber cement
Craft knife (optional)
Clear acrylic sealant (to be either painted or sprayed)
Newspapers (to protect the table)


Draw or find a picture of the shape you would like to use — check art books, patterned fabric, coloring books or trace cookie cutters.
Trace it on two pieces of cardboard.
Cut out the cardboard.
Paste both sides together and insert a paper clip (rounded loop side up) inside the “sandwich.” You will attach the ornament to the tree through this loop.
Paint both sides of the cardboard, the paper clip, and the seam formed where you glued the designs together with gesso or water-based wall paint to seal the surface so your bright acrylic paint will not sink into the cardboard.
When the undercoat has dried, paint everything (including the paper clip) with your background color. Then add details (including your name and the date).
Paint or spray with clear acrylic glaze to protect the ornament.

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