Laura Beth Konopinski has, all through her artistic career, concentrated mainly on the material glass, although she is using other materials and mediums such as metal and photography as well. Laura has been teaching and working in art institutions such as the Corning Museum of Glass, Penland School of Crafts, and the Pittsburgh Glass Center. These periods have allowed her to experience and explore numerous methods and processes involved in glass making, and because she loves to be outdoors, Laura has held several positions in the world of environmental conservation while at the same time, she was able to pursue her endeavors in the artistic field.

Laura Beth Konopinski-1art1

Laura is working with clear and definite concepts. Her creations remind, in a vague way, of Victorian parlor domes, and maybe also of creatures that are captured and preserved in amber. Laura’s work illustrates the natural state of things and you can clearly see that what caught her attention are things from our natural world.

Konopinski is not consciously seeking specific objects to be able to make her work of art, though you can tell that, because she spent so much time outside (She was an intern at a biological farm and wandered a lot in the outdoors), these object were catching her eye. Laura has collected a lot of objects such as skeletons of cacti or animal bones, in particular decayed cacti, that she collected when she lived in the Southwest. Laura has recently produced a series of art work named ‘Stratum’ that both ideologically and visually reflects this. The pieces (incorporating visual imagery, objects, and layers of glass) remind you in a vague way of sedimentary rock layers containing fossils. They are reminiscent of eras way past, of objects preserved by our planet earth.