Scrapbooking made simple – also for Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

On July 4th, we are going to celebrate the Independence Day of America. Liberty is something we fully enjoy today while others around the world are not quite so lucky! This post is about scrapbooking made simple – also for Independence Day. Let’s celebrate by using July 4th as a good theme for your next scrapbook page.

Here are a few suggestions to make your page commemorative:

  • Draw and color the American flag all over the page. Grab a medium that is available to you. You can use crayons, pastels, and/or watercolors. Make sure you fill in the entire page. This will serve as the main background making whatever you put on the page very much relevant to Independence Day.
  • If, you don’t want to cover the entire page, use a combination of the Flag colors (good old red, white, and blue) as your page border. Cut long strips (the exact length of your scrapbook page) of red, white, and blue colored paper, or ribbons and attach it on the borders for the whole page. For the corners, cut out a white star. Make sure the size of the star is a little bit bigger and is more visible. Paste the white stars on the four corners of the page.

  • You may also paste pictures of your favorite American Presidents to make it more nationalistic and fun! Find a picture of your favorite American Presidents at your local bookstore or you can search the net and print some out. Cut out the picture and paste it on the top side of your scrapbook page. You may also add a little biography of your favorite president and what his greatest accomplishment was as president. You may also think about designing your own personalized greeting cards. Since it’s your personal scrapbook, go ahead and add your personal opinions on your favorite president, reasons for admiring him and maybe a famous quote or two! Get more personal and think about adding a personal experience that justifies the quotation to make it more expressive.
  • To add more in-depth relevance or to make your scrapbook page more nationalistic and patriotic, add lines from the “Pledge of Allegiance” or the National Anthem – lines that strick you or lines that makes you feel like a true-blue American.
  • Aside from the American Flag, perhaps what comes to mind during the 4th of July is fireworks! Firework displays have become a tradition during this day so if you have any pictures of fireworks, cut them out and paste on top of your flag (suggestion above). Just be creative about it! You may also use the ornaments that you’ve made from clothespins and cardboard that I have explained in one of last year’s posts.
  • Patriotic stickers are always available at any bookstore or crafts store near you. If you are on the go and still want to do your scrapbook, stickers are the easiest way to decorate your page. All you need to do is be creative in placing your stickers. Line them down one border, or form a star or on the corners of the page. If you’ve made a letter holder out of a window shutter, you may very well use this for your Independence Day Scrapbook!

The Fourth of July is indeed about liberty and independence. Take time to ponder on the importance of this day especially in light of what is going on around the world we live in! Feel free to express and liberate your creative self in your scrapbook! If you think about painting some of your creations as well, click on the following link about how to best avoid brush marks.

This is the real meaning of Independence. To able to express yourself! Have fun and enjoy scrapbooking!

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