The Yarn Collective Review

What did surprise me was the deep purple color added to the red, orange and a touch of fuchsia. I immediately wondered how this was going to work out and what kind of a pattern I would need to design to bring out the beauty of these colors.

Knitting Results

I have to admit that I was baffled about designing a pattern for this colorway. True it would have been easy to just do a simple stockinette stitch pattern where I knew I would get a beautiful striped sock with no pooling (I don’t like pooling) but then again, I’m not the kind of person who likes conventional.

I love a challenge and these colors were that indeed! I tried a few designs that I felt failed miserably although someone else would have loved them and said I was crazy. I admit it. I am fussy to the point of crazy. That’s why they call me the Sockamaniac. I am maniacal when it comes to my work. I want perfection. So I wasn’t about to quit until I created a design that would bring out the beauty of that purple. I frogged many times but I never got discouraged.

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