Why This Post Is About Making Socks

I can’t believe so much time has gone by since I’ve blogged. It’s with good reason, though. So much has been going on but I have managed to keep knitting socks through it all. I created a website called Sockamaniac like my blog, where I have filled it with lots and lots of sock information. It was very time-consuming gathering up all the resources for sock patterns, tutorials, dyeing yarn and so forth but now that I sit back and look at it I have to feel that it was well worth it and a job well was done. So let’s see why this post is about Making Socks.

I started three sock knitting groups on Yahoo too! One is called Second Sock Syndrome which pretty much speaks for itself. A lot of sock knitters use DPN’s and knit one sock at a time. We may get one sock finished but then are distracted by something else. Like that new yarn we just bought and have to try it out just to see how it looks, then we’ll go back and finish that second sock. Ya right. This list was created to help motivate us and get ideas on finishing that second sock.

Then there’s my Sockamaniac Sock-a-long. Here we knit the same sock pattern as a group project. The difference with this sock-a-long is that all our project patterns are designed by the members. And finally mySockamaniac Socknitters group. It’s a general sock knitting group with some off topic chat. We have a lot of fun besides sharing our sock knitting experiences and funnies.

As if that isn’t enough, I’ve decided to begin a review of sock yarn from the many different yarn companies on my Sockamaniac website. Nothing is certain today except paying taxes and death. You’ve heard that many times right? Well let me add another certainty, sock knitters love to use different brands of yarn for making socks. That is a sure thing that you can count on. I’ve never met a sock knitter that uses only one brand of yarn on all sock projects. We have that touchy-feely thing going. We love the feel of different textures, twists (tight and loose), softness, not so soft, etc. and don’t forget color.

Color appeals to the senses. Different colors affect different emotions. So to balance our emotions, we MUST have every possible color and color combination available, and if we can’t find the colors we need to promote good emotional health, we’ll dye the yarn ourselves. You may laugh, but this is true.

Just ask my hubby how balanced I am since I started this review. What I will am doing in reviewing different yarns to is taking notes while I’m knitting socks. I’ll be commenting on texture colors, how they hold up after being washed, how to care for a particular yarn, what patterns are best for each yarn and so forth so that the yarn consumer will know what to expect from the yarn. That will help them greatly in deciding what yarn to buy.

So the reviews will contain a lot of helpful information rather than one yarn is better than another yarn so buy only from that company. Once I decided to do take on this project, I contacted many yarn companies. I can’t begin to tell you how generous and forthcoming they have been in donating yarn for me to try as well as any information I have requested. They are very eager to hear what we want from them and what we think of their yarn. We live in a wonderful time for knitters. We’re surrounded by different colors, textures, wool, cotton and yes, yarn companies. Not like when I was growing up.

Back then we only had stiff, itchy wool for socks in neutral solid colors and if we wanted different colors in our socks, we had to get out the bobbles and knit with two or more balls of yarn. Talk about a tangled mess. I’m so grateful that we have so much to choose from today and the many yarn companies that are out there. However, when we are faced with so many choices, we are also faced with confusion and indecision on what to buy. Sometimes it just gets to be too much.

This is where I hope that my yarn review will help. If there is a sock yarn that you know of and you would like me to review it, let me know.I’m Always trying to think of new ways of doing things. I love exploring design and ways to make the usual unusual. I think I did it with my new Sockalutions sock patterns line. Sockalutions are not your typical line of sock patterns.

Sockalutions are a whole new concept in sock patterns. With Sockalutions patterns, different solutions (choices) are offered for cuffs, heels, feet & toes. Besides the original sock pattern that you see pictured on each pattern, you will also find different patterns for cuffs, heels, feet & toes that you can interchange to create many different style socks from one pattern. You become the designer! Note the choices below.

Included in each pattern:
1 sock pattern
3 optional cuff patterns
3 optional heel patterns
2 optional foot patterns
3 optional toe patterns

And who doesn’t like tips to make sock knitting easier? Yup, they are in there too! 

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