Artist Paint Brushes You Need to Know

Artist Paint Brushes You Need to Know

With the help of a paintbrush, you will be able to weave colours across your canvas. Of course, you will become familiar with your all paintbrushes the more that you use them. In fact, you will get to know what each brush will achieve for you.
If you are new to painting, choosing the right brushes may be hard because you might not know what works for what. And the fact that there is a wide selection doesn’t help. Well, worry not; we have designed this article in order to tell you what you need to know about artist paint brushes you need to know.
Paintbrushes come in different shapes and sizes. Because of that, you should know what each of those brushes can achieve. This will greatly influence how your artwork turns out. Without wasting much time, here are the different types of paintbrushes.

Acrylic Paint Brushes

This paintbrush comes with a round or pointed tip. It works well for outlining, sketching, controlled washes, detailed work, as well as filling in small areas. This brush is also capable of creating thin and thick lines. This is because it is very thin at the tip, but when you press it down, it becomes wider. In order to use this brush correctly, you have to ensure that you use it with thinned paint, and not thick paint.

Pointed Round Brush

This type of paintbrush is narrower. In fact, it’s actually narrower than the round paintbrush. It also features a pointed tip that is very sharp. This paintbrush is perfect for spotting, creating fine details and fine lines, reaching some delicate areas, as well as retouching.

Flat Artist Paint Brush

This paintbrush comes with a square end. Also, it features hairs that are medium to long. The flat artist paintbrush can be used for filling wide spaces, washes, impasto, as well as bold strokes. If you need to create some fine lines, stripes, or straight edges, you have to use the edge of the brush. On the other hand, you have to use the long-haired flat brushes for varnishing.

Bright Artist Paint Brush

This paintbrush is flat and features edges that are curved inward right at the tip. It also comes with hairs that are a bit short. The brush is perfect for short strokes that are controlled. Also, it’s suitable for thick and heavy colours. Furthermore, in order to use the brush correctly, you should make sure that you work up close and not hold it at a distance from your canvas.

Filbert Artist Paint Brush

You will find that this brush is flat and has an end that is oval-shaped. it also features some medium to long hairs. If your goal is to blend or creat soft rounded edges, then this is the brush for you. You can actually call this brush a combination of rounds and flat. This is because you will be able to use it for detail, as well as cover more space.