Most Popular Art Painting Styles

Most Popular Art Painting Styles

We love the fact that art comes with a wide range of styles to choose from. That means as a painter, you have variety in terms of the route that you want to take. Before you start, you may want to know all the art panting styles so that you can choose the one that you love the most.
Below, we are going to share with you, a few of the most popular art painting styles. Enjoy!

Realism art

This art painting style is also known as naturalism and regarded as real art. In this form of painting, the subject is portrayed as it actually appears in real life. At the same time, it doesn’t appear like it’s a photograph. One thing about this style is that it doesn’t have any stylisation, and it also doesn’t follow the rules of formal artistic theory.
Instead, a lot of time is spent on paying attention to actually creating an actual depiction of objects and life forms. That means it ensures that an illusion of reality is created.

Photorealism Art

Here, the artwork actually looks exactly like a photo. In fact, painters who use this style ensure that the illusion of reality is fine tuned, to a point where the artwork actually looks like a large photograph or canvas.
That means you will be able to see all the details, making this style realistic.

Painterly Art Style

Here, brush strokes are visible. In addition, the texture is left in the paint medium. That means painters make use of oils, watercolours, acrylics, gouache, and other medium which makes use of a brush in creating artwork. You will find that many painters who go for this style do not even try and hide the brushstrokes. Also, the paint is not applied in a thick manner. Instead, thin layers are used.

Impressionism Painting

Artwork with this type of style looks rough and unfinished. It also features small and thin brushstrokes. There is also an emphasis on giving an accurate depiction of light, and usually, common and ordinary objects are the subject matter.
Often, you will find that the artwork is of the outdoors so that natural light can be captured, as well as give a correct depiction of the subject. One other interesting thing is that black is rarely used in such paintings. Instead, the artists will use dark tones that are mixed with other complementary colours. You will find that the artwork does not try to be accurate when it comes to detail. Instead, it is just a representation of the painter’s impression, as well as an expression of the heart.

Abstract Art

This style of art is also known as contemporary art or modern art. What makes abstract art stand out is the fact it does not try to resemble anything from real life. What that means is that it is non-representational, intentionally. Instead, it makes use of colours, textures, shapes and forms to achieve its point. That means you will be able to see shapes or colours representing the objects on the canvas.
This allows the viewer to interpret the painting their own way.