How to Paint Art Deco Style

this image shows Art Deco Style
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 In this guide, we’ll show you an easy way to paint in the cool Art Deco style, giving your art a classy and glamorous touch.

this image shows Art Deco Style
Art Deco Style

1. Get the Art Deco Look

To paint like Art Deco, understand its cool features. Think about using cool shapes, straight lines, and a love for symmetry. Art Deco likes things from ancient times, machines, and nature, all mixed to look super cool.

2. Picking Colors

Art Deco loves bold colours that stand out. Choose colours like bright green, deep blue, and dark red. Add shiny colours like gold, silver, or chrome for extra coolness.

3. Straight and Cool Shapes

Art Deco loves straight lines and cool shapes. Try making zigzags, chevrons, and cool curves in your art. Make fancy patterns that look neat and special.

4. Keep It Balanced

Make your art look neat by making both sides the same. If you’re drawing something, make sure it looks cool from all sides. Try drawing things like tall buildings, smooth cars, or stylish people to get the Art Deco feel.

5. Add a Touch of Gold

Make your art look extra cool by adding gold. Use gold paint or shiny gold paper to make parts of your art look rich and special.

6. Play with Dark and Light

Make your art look cool by mixing dark and light colours. Try using sharp lines with softer curves to make it look awesome. Play with shadows and bright spots to make your art look amazing.

7. Choose Cool Subjects

Draw things that look like Art Deco. Try drawing fancy ladies, cool animals, or famous places with a modern twist. Use these things to make your art look super cool.

8. Make Cool Patterns

Use cool patterns in your art. Make zigzags, sunbursts, or cool flower shapes. Use them as backgrounds or to make your art look even more awesome.

9. Use Stylish Writing

If you’re adding words to your art, use stylish writing. Choose fonts that look cool and sharp, with bold and angular letters. Add words in a way that makes your art look great.

10. Mix Things Up

Art Deco works well with trying new things. Mix regular painting with other stuff like cut-out pictures or shiny inks. This will give your art a new and modern Art Deco feel.

11. Funky Furniture Inspiration

Look at Art Deco furniture for cool design ideas. Incorporate patterns and shapes seen in Art Deco furniture into your paintings for a unique touch.

12. Glimmering Glass Elements

Art Deco loves shiny glass. Consider adding reflective surfaces like mirrors or glass objects to your artwork to capture the glitzy feel.

13. Curvy Characters

While Art Deco is known for its straight lines, adding a touch of curves to your characters or elements can create a modern twist within the Art Deco style.

14. Playful Pets in Style

Explore painting stylized pets or animals in an Art Deco manner. Use bold lines and geometric shapes to bring out their charm.

15. Travel through Time

Experiment with time travel themes. Combine elements from different eras to create a whimsical yet sophisticated fusion in your Art Deco-inspired paintings.

16. Festive Fashion Statements

Explore Art Deco fashion designs for inspiration. Incorporate elegant clothing styles, accessories, and patterns into your artwork for a touch of glamour.

17. Abstract Art Adventure

Dive abstract Art Deco. Create paintings that are more about shapes, patterns, and colours, adding a contemporary twist to this classic style.

18. Monochrome Magic

Experiment with black and white paintings with a touch of metallics. Keep it simple yet striking, emphasizing the contrast between light and dark.

19. Jazz It Up with Music Themes

Art Deco and jazz go hand in hand. Incorporate musical elements or instruments into your paintings, capturing the rhythm and energy of the era.

20. Theatrical Touch

Bring a theatrical vibe to your art. Use Art Deco influences from theatre posters and set designs, creating a sense of drama and sophistication.

21. Art Deco Still Life

Explore still-life compositions with Art Deco elements. Arrange objects in a way that highlights their shapes and patterns, creating a visually captivating scene.

22. Pop of Pastels

While Art Deco is known for bold colours, experiment with pastel variations for a softer, contemporary take on the style.

23. Modern Cityscapes

Capture the spirit of the modern city. Paint cityscapes with sleek buildings, showcasing the dynamic energy of urban life.

24. Dynamic Dance Themes

Explore dance themes inspired by the lively dances of the Art Deco era. Use fluid lines and bold shapes to convey movement and rhythm.

25. Patterned Backgrounds

Create visually interesting backgrounds with intricate patterns. Experiment with wallpaper-like designs to enhance the overall aesthetic of your artwork.

By trying out these cool ideas, you can make art that looks like Art Deco without any fuss. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to art or a pro, making your art look as cool as the Art Deco era will add a touch of style to your creative work.

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